In addition to forms shown as available on our product pages, we can import sizes and sections in most of the grades listed.  Lead times range from 2 - 6 weeks by sea freight for stock products to 3 - 4 months for special runs.

Options Include;

Alloy Sections including Tubes
High Nickel Alloys
High Temperature Alloys
Bearing Steels
Nitriding Steels
Large Diameter Hollow Sections
Stainless, Heat Resisting, Creep Resisting, High Temperature Steel Plates, Bars and Tubes Powder metallurgy tool steels
Steels for Glass and Ceramic Industries
Chipper Knife Steels
High Speed Steel Sheet Plate
Tool Steel Plate and Sheet
Machined/ Ground Flats and Plates
Press Plates
Clad and Composite Steel Plates
Wear Resistant Plate
Extrusion Press Tooling
Forgings and Forged rings
Sintered bronze and stainless steel
Tungsten and Molybenum alloys

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